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Boathouse Studio

Fine art painter Peter Kiidumae paints to the sound of breaking waves outside his boathouse studio in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island. His inspiration comes from the spectacular views of islands, mountains and shoreline cliffs visible through the windows.

His crisp, realism paintings reflect his natural surroundings. Over the years they have evolved into bold, unique compositions that are based on strong underlying abstract patterns. The paintings must meet his high value on drawing accuracy. Sometimes, they may include some wildlife somewhere. Lately, Peter has been concentrating on larger paintings because size matters in creating the impact he strives to achieve.

Highly detailed large paintings take time to complete, so Peter’s productivity is limited to approximately a dozen paintings a year. They are only available directly from the artist. Commissioned works are welcome. Studio visits are encouraged. Please browse this site at your leisure, and contact Peter if anything catches your interest.

Contact Peter

Commission Welcome

If you would like to have Peter paint that special image for you, please contact him.


View Peter's portfolio of fine art.



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